By Ernie J. Zelinski
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(How to retire happy, wild, and free using retiring planning tools such as The Get-a-Life Tree from Ernie Zelinski's retirement books.)

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This Webpage gives links to some great retirement planning resources and two of the best retirement books, which take a holistic approach to retirement.

Why aret these retirement planning resources so important? As Jon Hanson stated in his book, "If you are thinking that government will take care of you [in retirement or otherwise], prepare for a rude awakening — government is planning on your taking care of it."

In 2011, in the Employee Benefit Research Institute’s annual survey  of the US popluation about their attitudes about their retirement planning and preparedness  found American workers’ confidence in their ability to finance a comfortable retirement through savings and government programs sank to the most pessimistic level in the EBRI survey’s 21-year history.

The EBRI survey found that 56 percent of respondents have less than $25,000 in savings and investments (excluding the value of their primary residence and any pension plans), and 29 percent said they have less than $1,000. The argument could be made that if the value of primary residences are added in, this would make the picture brighter. Somewhat brighter perhaps, but remember that house prices have tumbled and a lot of people's homes are worth less than the mortgages on them. The picture could in fact be a lot darker given that the people with the lowest amount of savings tend to be the people who also don't own their homes and don't work for companies with pension plans.

In addition, 42 percent of Americans said they calculated  the amount of money that they would need in their retirement plans for a comfortable retirement by guessing. As for how confident Americans are about retirement, 13 percent of American workers stated they are “very confident” of a comfortable and happy retirement.  This ties the 2009 EBRI survey as the lowest in the EBRI survey history. What's more, 27 percent said they’re “not at all confident”  about retirement, which is up from 22 percent, the prior year and is also the highest level recorded by the EBRI’s annual survey.

If you want to retire right, you must know the secrets to The Joy of Not Working.

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The following resources including The World's Best Retirement Book may help you attain that dream which allows you to retire happy, wild, and free:

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    Retirement Gifts Recommended by The Retirement Quotes Café: Gifts for the Retired and the Soon-to-Be-Retired. Also Retirement Gifts for Your Retirement Party or Any Other Retirement Function. The Retirement Gifts Café presents the two best retirement gifts in the world, which happen to be the two best retirement books in the world by Ernie J. Zelinski.
  • Retirement Jobs
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  • Investing and Spending Money Wisely
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  • Social Security
    Facts about Social Security and Quotes about Social Security on The Retirement Quotes Café: The Myths and Truths about Social Security
  • Statistics
    Statistics about Retirement and Life in General: A Comprehensive Collection of Quotes and Sayings about how statistics apply to retirement and life in general,

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Retiring is easy. Creating happiness in retirement, however — now that is the harder part of a successful retirement!

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Can You Answer These

Retirement Questions?

  • Once you retire, what are you going to do about your identity that is so dependent on work? 
  • How will you relate to your relatives and friends who are still working while you are living the life of an aristocrat, sometimes known as "The Life of Riley"?  
  • What will you do with your new-found leisure time if you have never learned how to enjoy leisure activities? 

A Life-Changing Retirement Book for the Retired and

Soon-to-Be Retired Who Fear Boredom in Retirement   


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Page after delightful page, this is what you will find in The World's Best Retirement Gift Book: 

How to Retire Happy, Wild, and Free The World's Best Retirement Gift Book  . . . gives you retirement advice including:

  • How to choose satisfying and challenging leisure activities so that you don't require a million dollars to retire happily

  • How to true to your heart even if it means being seen as a little eccentric.

  • Fun and practical retirement exercises to help awaken you to what leisure activities will turn you on in your retirement years 

  • Unleash the power of your creative mind to enjoy leisure activities like never before

  • The encouragement you need to when you are retiring early as well as the motivation to live life the way it was meant to be lived

  • Realize a deep new love for life due to your new-found freedom

  • Valuable retirement tools such as The Get-a-Life Tree  to create a retirement plan filled with satisfying and joyful activities

  • Free yourself from the all the fears of retirement   

  • Life-changing insights and real-life examples of retirees who are truly enjoying retirement

  • Live like a millionaire without having to be one

  • Proof that you were created to succeed at retirement life beyond anything you can imagine

  • Put yourself firmly in command of your entire life for the rest of your life 

Retirement Cafe Book

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Are You Super Afraid of Retirement?

Then Along with The World's Best Retirement Book You Also Need

The World's Second Best

Retirement Gift Book

The Joy of Not Working

Retirement Activities Book 

A Book for the Retired, Unemployed, and Overworked - by Ernie J. Zelinski

The Joy of Not Working is all about learning to live every part of your life  employment, unemployment, retirement, and leisure time alike  to the fullest. You too can join the thousands of converts and learn to thrive at both work and play. Illustrated by eye-opening exercises, thought-provoking diagrams, and lively cartoons and quotations, The Joy of Not Working will guide you to enjoy life like never before.

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by Ernie J. Zelinski — All Rights Reserved
Author of The World's Best Retirement Book

 I will do today
what others won't,
so I will have
tomorrow what
others don't.
— John Addison
No organization — government or
otherwise — can take great care of you in retirement.     Organizations aren't capable of this — only  you are!
— from Life's Secret Handbook

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How to Retire Happy, Wild, and Free on

Surveys of seniors overwhelmingly      suggest that higher incomes don't drive satisfaction in   retirement. That said, there is a minimum
of income required to enjoy retirement.
— Dan Richards
I'm regularly asked     what my [retirement]  plan is, and I    deliberately don't have much of a plan. I've had lots of plans in my life and it might be nice to have a period      that is less planned.
— Malcolm Hamilton, Expert on Pensions 
& Retirement Planning

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